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Organise your home with built in wardrobes and storage solutions.

Carl Winn Joinery specialise in bespoke design and installation of fitted and free standing wardrobes

Clutter is without a doubt one of the largest causes of stress in the home. It is easy to get into the habit of dumping stuff in the hall when you come home, or create a little collection of items that have no permanent place on the kitchen counter, or perhaps you can never find a matching shoe when you are rushing out in the morning for the school run… and you are already running late…

Many people spend far too much time decluttering and tidying up than they need to, and this is usually caused by not having adequate or suitable storage solutions. Often, a shelf is put up, or a storage unit is purchased to provide extra storage where it is needed most, but the problem with buying shelves or new furniture is that it is only available in the sizes the manufacturer makes which may leave you with lots of empty or ‘dead’ space that cannot be used for anything. By considering bespokebuilt-in cupboards, shelves, and wardrobes, you are one your way to making sure you are maximising your storage and home-organisation potential – welcome to a way of living where no space goes to waste.

There are so many different types of storage solution on the market that it is easy to become overwhelmed and spoiled for choice.

There are lots of really simple storage solutions that can be effective and aesthetically pleasing without a large financial investment. Pretty storage boxes and baskets are available from most homeware shops, supermarkets, and online stores- these offer a quick and easy fix to keep things out of sight but close to hand in your living space. Cheap plastic boxes can be used to keep cleaning equipment together under the sink, store bathroom supplies out of reach, or keep the pantry or food cupboards in some kind of order- these storage solutions may make your home look Instagram ready, and can be easily changed when you tire of the colour scheme, however, they do not offer sustainability and long-term order in the home.

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The best way to decide if it is a good idea to get built in storage and fitted wardrobes is to think about how inconvenient or impractical your current storage solutions are. Many areas of the house can look fantastic with all your treasures displayed for all to see, open shelves with photographs, books, and precious mementos can add a really personal and homely feel to your living space; however, often we do not want everything we own on public view, so we cram things into cupboards, never to be seen again.

Finding the right storage for your personal tastes, or style of home, can be tricky. Most properties have some spaces that cannot be utilised asthey are an unusual shape or size; sometimes off the shelf storage and modular systems, from DIY suppliers and home interiors stores, can be modified to fit the space. This can be a really good solution, as once they are constructed and secured in situ they can offer many years of service, but, off the shelf modular systems are often produced from particle board and fibre board that is not the best quality, and are supplied with fixings that are of poor quality and not robust enough to withstand the rigours of everyday life- this is often discovered when shelves, rails, and storage cubes begin to work themselves loose within a relatedly short time- these can never achieve their original rigidity, even after replacing fixings for better quality ones. Having said that, building and installing off the shelf carcasses as a base for built-in storage, and then facing them with higher quality wooden doors can often provide a satisfactory aesthetic on a mid-range budget

The real benefit of bespoke fitted storage is that it can be made to completely solve your organisation issues within the home, utilise every inch of space, and can often help save time cleaning and tidying as everything can be put away straight into its allocated spot.

Made to measure cupboards and storage can be installed in any room and customised for any purpose. The most frequently commissioned installations are fitted wardrobes as these present unlimited opportunities to arrange your clothes, shoes, and accessories so they are kept in good condition and are easy to see at a glance. The more that homelife can be streamlined, the better your quality of life can be; but not all storage has to be about clothes-alcoves, under stair spaces, voids under the eaves, or just runs of straight wall can be transformed into bookshelves, an organised pantry, home organisation stations,storage for sports and hobby equipment, toy storage, and even additional officework-space.

The cost of installing and fitting wardrobes and bespoke storage will vary depending on the size of project and the type and style of material used.An under stairs cupboard constructed fromparticle board would cost considerably less than a fullrun of built-in wardrobes with shelves,drawers,and hanging rails made completely from oak.

If budget is a concern, there are always options to mix and match materials, for example, the interior could be constructed from a cheaper material and then faced or concealed behind wooden doors- this would give the room a stylish and luxurious finish while still being affordable. Also a range of different types of timber could be used, it is possible to combine cheaper soft woods with more expensive hard woods- the different woodgrains can have a dramatic effect and once they are stained, varnished, or sealed, it brings the project together with a beautiful effect- you just can’t beat the look and feel of real wood…

Most structural home improvements such as garage or loft conversions will add value to your home as they provide extra living space, however, not all home improvementprojects will add significant value to your property.Well thought out interior improvement projects,particularly if they blend in well with the style of your home, will increase the appeal when you decide to sell or rent it out to tenants. Built in storage solutions make a home more organised and pleasurable to live in, so the value of the quality of life will definitely increase.

Most smaller projects can be completed within a few hours, while larger projects will run over a few days as time and care needs to be given to ensure the best possible finish is achieved. The length of time will also depend on the type of materials used and the level of decorative finishing that is involved.

If fibreboard is being used to construct basic shelves in an understairs cupboard, within a few hours these can be carefully and correctly cutand firmly secured to the wall, whereasa master bedroom being fitted out with bespoke fitted wardrobes in solid wood, complete with multi-section dividers the project will be considerably longer.

For peace of mind when embarking on any home improvement project, always ask your chosen contractor to give a time guide and costing breakdown. To discuss your project requirements further, why not get in touch for a no obligation quote.